22st Annual Joel Chappell Memorial RC Float Fly (formerly the SNH Flying Eagles Remote Control Float Fly) Hosted By: Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles R/C Club Merrimack, NH, USA

Friday, September 14th, 2018
Sunday, September 16th, 2018
All Day
Float Fly
Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles R/C Club Merrimack, NH
Greenfield State Park on Otter Lake
Tim Sowder - 603-320-3698
Event Flyer/Attachment


If you need other information please contact the Contest Director (CD) Tim Sowder via phone or text 603-320-3698 or via email timnh2002@gmail.com

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Club Members!!!

The club has a rule in place that there will be no flying when the transfer station is open, in the past the transfer station was only open one Saturday per month. So we couldn't fly on that Saturday.

The town has changed the policy and the transfer station is open every Saturday morning till noon. What this means to us based on our own rules is that there is no flying on any Saturday morning.

Please take heed of this new change and wait to fly till after noon time.

We have made a special exception for the ALES glider event in September, participants in this event have been given special instructions regarding access on that Saturday, During this ALES contest weekend the field will be closed to power flight.

‚ÄčConcerning the dumping station at the bottom of the hill. Do not Dump Anything there. This is Illegal. The town takes this very seriously!!!!! We had this happen before in the past, the police got involved and the individual was facing criminal action.

The town allows us to use the site, the town can also take it away at a moments notice!

Our use of the site depends on keeping the outer gate locked at all times and the club policy is CARRY IN - CARRY HOME!! Anyone who dumps down below will forfeit their membership immediately!!

Thanks for your attention,